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9. Sınıf İngilizce Çalışma Kitabı 33. Sayfa Cevapları MEB Yayınları

9. Sınıf MEB Yayınları İngilizce Çalışma Kitabı Cevapları Sayfa 33 aşağıdaki yayımdadır. Diğer konulara da göz atmanızı öneririz.

Read the text quickly. What is it about?
a) A day at work.
b) An adventurer in the wild.
c) A summer holiday.

Most people can’t stay in the wild nature without the necessary equipment. Ed Stafford only takes his camera and spends weeks on an island or in a jungle without food or water. He has a Guinness record for walking along the Amazon River by himself. He travels to discover new things in the wilderness. Ed Stafford wants to prove that people can survive in nature and they need nothing. His team leaves him in an area he wants and his adventure starts. He can make fire without matches or lighters. He can catch fish with his hands. Most importantly, he can survive by eating everything in the wild. He can’t leave the area before the planned time. During this time, he records every moment of his adventure. When the departure day comes, his team comes and takes him. A lot of people from different countries wait for his documentaries and follow him on social media. Ed loves every minute of his job.

Choose the correct option.
1. Ed Stafford is a
a) zoo keeper.
b) wildlife explorer.
c) park ranger.
2. He takes only with him.
a) clothes
b) food and drinks
c) his camera
3. He wants to show everyone that we
a) can live in the wilderness.
b) need a lot of equipment for camping.
c) can make documentaries.
4. His team
a) brings him food and drink.
b) stays with him.
c) helps him with the transportation.
5. We can’t
a) listen to his radio programmes.
b) watch his documentaries.
c) follow him on social media.

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