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9. Sınıf İngilizce Çalışma Kitabı 49. Sayfa Cevapları MEB Yayınları

9. Sınıf MEB Yayınları İngilizce Çalışma Kitabı Cevapları Sayfa 49 aşağıdaki yayımdadır. Diğer konulara da göz atmanızı öneririz.

A. Choose the correct option.

1. I live in a ________ city. There are lots of people.
a) quiet b) crowded
2. He is so tired. He needs a ________ holiday.
a) stressful b) relaxing
3. She doesn’t have much money. She wants to buy something ________.
a) cheap b) expensive
4. I’m ________ to see you here. We can have coffee together.
a) glad b) sad
5. Her mother is so ________. She wears the most fashionable clothes.
a) old fashioned b) elegant
6. It’s so ________ of you to lend me your car for the party.
a) generous b) stingy
7. Take those tight trousers off. You look ________ in them.
a) jealous b) ridiculous
8. George never tells lies. He’s a ________ man.
a) sincere b) stubborn

B. Fill in the blanks using the correct words.

sweet / healthy / fresh / delicious / salty / juicy
1. Don’t eat this fish. It smells bad. It isn’t __fresh_________.
2. These oranges look __juicy_________. Let’s squeeze them.
3. I can’t drink this soup. It’s too _salty __________.
4. Do you want your pancakes __sweet _________ or salty?
5. My mum cooks _delicious __ cakes. All my friends love to eat them.
6. She prefers eating healthy food like vegetables and fruit.

C. Read the situations below and match them with the idioms.

1. You see an extremely thin woman walking in front of you. _c___
2. You are very jealous of Sheila and want to have everything she has. _d___
3. You watch the film till the end, but you don’t understand anything. _a___
4. You go to the party with a lot of interest and energy. _b___
a) It’s all Greek to me.
b) I’m going there with the bells on.
c) She’s all skin and bone.
d) I’m keeping up with the Joneses.

D. Fill in the blanks using Present Continuous Tense.

There are four people in the kitchen. The old man with white hair 1)_is sitting_ (sit) at the table. He 2)_is wearing___ (wear) a blue T-shirt and white trousers. The young lady with glasses 3)_is serving_____ (serve) the salad. The other women 4)_are standing__ (stand) next to the cupboards. They 5)_are preparing___ (prepare) food.

E. Choose the correct option.Choose the correct option.
1. Cindy and Matthew go to the cinema at weekends / today.
2. They are running in the park at night/ now.
3. Paul is watching TV on Mondays/ at the moment.
4. Do you go out every day / at present?
5. Karen usually reads books now/in the evenings.

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