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9. Sınıf İngilizce Çalışma Kitabı 46. Sayfa Cevapları MEB Yayınları

9. Sınıf MEB Yayınları İngilizce Çalışma Kitabı Cevapları Sayfa 46 aşağıdaki yayımdadır. Diğer konulara da göz atmanızı öneririz.

Joanna is a businesswoman and she travels a lot. Read about her typical travel day and choose the correct option to complete her sentences.

I fly every Monday and come back on Wednesdays. So I always buy a (1)___round______ trip ticket. I get up early and get my little

(2) baggage_ and arrive at the

(3)__airport________. I go to the

(4)___check-in desk______ immediately. I give my

(5)__passport_______ and baggage to the officer. Then, I take my

(6)__boarding pass_______ and go through the

(7)_securitiy_________. I find my boarding

(8)__gate_______ and I wait for the plane. When I hear the

(9)_announcement___, I board the plane with the other

(10)_passengers_________. I fasten my

(11)_sealt belt_______ and enjoy my trip.

1. a) one-way b) round c) plane
2. a) baggage b) passport c) boarding pass
3. a) station b) bus stop c) airport
4. a) gate b) security c) check-in desk
5. a) passport b) photos c) boarding pass
6. a) aisle b) baggage c) boarding pass
7. a) airport b) security c) travel agency
8. a) gate b) pass c) seat
9. a) plane b) announcement c) boarding
10. a) passport b) boarding pass c) passengers
11. a) window seat b) seat belt c) aisle seat

Write about the weather in the following cities.

It’s Sunny and hot.

It’s rainy and cool.

It’s snowy and cold.

It’s cloudy and warm.

Write the directions on the compass.

Read the sentences about cities and fill in the blanks using the words.

1. Athens is a(n) __ancient__ city because it is very old.
2. Paris is a very large and __exciting___ city, so you never get bored there.
3. Lublin is ___quiet__ and __relaxing_. There aren’t many people in it.
4. Hyderabad is a very cheap__ place, so you can stay there with little money.
5. London gets really __stressful__________ and __crowded__ in summer months with many tourists.
6. Nairobi is famous for its _modern__ and energetic places to eat and drink.
7. Hong Kong is the most _expensive_ city in the world. You need to earn a lot to live there.
8. Ottawa is _boring___ because there is nothing much interesting there.

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